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Why Use An Online Email Fax Service? Online email fax services  offer fax numbers, often both toll-free and local, that allow you to send email to fax and receive fax to email. Most email fax services also allow you to send a fax from any application on your computer that prints, allowing you to send and receive faxes without a fax machine. Not only does this save you the cost of a fax machine, other benefits include: toner cost savings, paper cost savings, phone line cost savings, no busy signal, conveniently receive faxes anywhere you can read email, privacy, broadcast faxing and many more. Compare the leading online fax services below and click to learn more or sign up. 

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Fax Service






Review Report MyFax Review Report RingCentral Review Report
Fax Pages Included 500 Receive or Send 150 Receive / 150 Send 200 Receive / 100 Send 500 Receive or Send
Larger Plans Available
500 Receive or Send
(Larger plans available)
Cost per Additional Page .03 per page send or receive .10 per page send or receive .10 per page send or receive .03 per page send or receive .059 per page send or receive
Fax Number Type Local or Toll Free Local or Toll Free Local or Toll Free Local or Toll Free Local or Toll Free
Fax From Any Application?
Email, web or mobile app

Email & Web
Fax From Web?
Online Fax Storage?
Unlimited Lifetime



1 year

1 year
Annotate Fax?
Basic Edits
Fax Alerts?



Email (up to 5)

Email & SMS (Up to 30)
Broadcast Fax?
Up to 50 different recipients
Customer Support Phone or Email
Business Hours
US based
24/7 Phone or Email 24/7 Phone or Email Phone, Email or Chat
(Business Hours)
100% US Based
24/7 Phone, Email or Chat
Notes Smartphone apps to send and manage faxes
Owned by J2, same company as eFax & MyFax. 14 Day Free Trial.
Largest Digital Fax Network with 11 million users
Electronic signature, sign documents online or directly on the mobile app
Large file sharing included, share large files with up to 20 recipients
Owned by J2, same company as MetroFax & MyFax
Fax numbers also available in 48 international countries
Smartphone apps to send and manage fax
Owned by J2, same company as eFax & MetroFax
Larger plans available
150,000+ Customers
Larger plans available
Cloud storage integration included.
Extras Can take a picture of a document with your smartphone and instantly send it as a fax page when using mobile apps. Toll free business phone numbers VoIP phone service & complete business phone service packages available starting at $8.95 p/mo Additional Fax No's $4.99 p/mo
RingCentral Voice Plan includes fax service. Plans start at $12.99 p/mo
Setup Fee? None None None None None
Free Trial?
Pricing $6.63 p/mo (Annual Billing)
$7.95 p/mo (Monthly Billing)
$16.95 p/mo
20% Off Annual Plans
$10.00 p/mo
1 Month Free for Annual Plan
$4.95 p/mo (Annual Billing)
$8.95 p/mo (Monthly Billing)
$7.99 p/mo (Annual Billing)
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How email fax works - compare email fax and online fax servicesWhat is Email Fax?

An email fax service lets you send and receive faxes over the Internet, from any device with email access (even your smart phone).

Email fax services replace the traditional fax machine where you scan the pages you want to send, with the modern equivalent, your computer. You just attach your document to your email message and add the fax number in the “TO” field (format depends on the fax service) and the document is sent to a server to process and fax to your intended recipient. That means no more paper jams, busy signals or waiting by a fax machine.

You also can receive faxes sent to your number in your email, allowing you to view them wherever you can access your email account.

Email fax services are also known as internet fax service, email faxing service, email to fax service, internet fax services, fax to email service, email to fax services, online fax service, email to fax, fax service email, email and fax service, online fax services, fax internet service, fax to email service, fax service email, email and fax services, email fax online and email faxing.

Why Use Email Fax?

Why should you use an email fax service? In today’s business world, time is of the essence and having to use a traditional fax machine that has a fixed location and the ability to only send or receive one fax transmission at one time is not making the best use of your time.

The benefits include:

  • no toner or maintenance costs
  • no equipment costs
  • no maintenance
  • no extra telephone line costs
  • no paper costs
  • send and receive faxes anywhere you can get email
  • fax any document directly from your computer (no need to print then fax)
  • send and receive multiple faxes at the same time
  • no fax busy signal
  • ability to send broadcast faxes (depends on service)
  • environmentally friendly (eco friendly)
  • be notified when faxes arrive
  • low fixed monthly cost

What To Look For in an Email Fax Service

Most email to fax services provide the basic service of attaching a document to your email and receiving a fax in your email. Here are a few extras you’ll want to consider when making your selection of what service to use:

  • no hidden costs
  • local fax number
  • ability to send a fax from any program on your computer
  • get notified when faxes arrive
  • timely sending and receiving
  • no cost online fax storage
  • potential to integrate with VOIP phone systems (some providers offer complete “cloud” business telephone and fax services combined for a lower price)

Try Out Email Fax Services At No Cost

The benefit of the services listed above is that they all have a 30 day trial, with no obligation, so you can try them all to see which one best fits your specific needs and budget.

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